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Success Formula: Chanel Ballard

Success Formula: Chanel Ballard

I have yet to meet Chanel Ballard.

We have 57 mutual “friends” on Facebook, and only about 15 of them are my friends or associates in real life.

In mid-February I saw her status feed. She was looking to start a network resource of people doing “big things”. I sent her my information. A few weeks later, she referred a friend to me for business development services. We did not know each other and it did not matter. Her goal was clear: help others so that they succeed.

Currently, she is the Chief Inspirational Officer (CIO) of her growing entity, Rise2Power Network. I asked Chanel how she arrived at the title CIO, “Things come to me”, she said. “When I started developing the Rise2Power Network, CEO did not fit, but CIO did. Everyone that knows me, knows that I live to inspire.” The Rise2Power Network focuses on helping people create the process of inspiration. Through social media and product development, including, t-shirts and wrist bands with motivational quotes (to name a few), Rise2Power encourages individuals to stay inspired during challenging times.

Although Chanel thinks it is great that people choose to serve with a group, she wants individuals to know that they can still serve by themselves. Rise2Power is her personal initiative to inspire youth and young adults. It is only one of MANY projects this superstar 20 something’s has going on.

Chanel has a two-year old son, she is planning her summer wedding, she is growing the seed of Rise2Power Network, and she has co-founded and operates Inspired by Grace, a non-profit for young girls. Furthermore, I was in awe when I found out that she is involved in GEMS- The Girls Education Mentoring Services.

GEMS has helped hundreds of young women and girls, ages 12–24, who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking to exit the commercial sex industry and to develop to their full potential.

Chanels outreach efforts include males and females of all ages, but her passion is women- girls, mothers, and grandmothers. “I am a prosperity advocate bringing resources and support to the community.”

On many occasions her Life Plan has been revised. Chanel is finally at a point where she has the clarity of language and the know-how, to clearly define what it is she wants, and most importantly, what it will take to get there. The most up to date edition of her Life Plan includes a list of degrees or educational endeavors she must accomplish to attain her vision, as well as future titles she wishes to own.

She has a slew of other tag lines, catch phrases, and key words that help to brand her unique product of inspiration. The one I enjoy most is found under her signature “Annoying Teens into Progression since 1984”. The story goes that when Chanel’s mom was pregnant with her at the age of 16, she began to live a more productive life, motivated by motherhood. Chanel annoyingly became her mother’s motivation for success.

Did I mention she is a full-time marketing professional? TALK ABOUT DOING IT ALL!!!!! I have a lot of friends that are active community servants, professionals, and more, but motherhood usually slows some of us down; Not Chanel “Ambitious” Ballard!

Chanel Ballard Success Formula: Wisdom + Inspiration + Refusal to give up

More on Chanel Ballard

How do you multi-task to multi-achieve?

My passion for helping. It is hard, especially with having a two-year old. If I have to stay up late, I stay up. If I have to get up early, that is what I do. I take the bus to work and I do work on the bus. That is an additional 45 minutes of work time each day. I write my blog, write follow-up letters, send out my emails. Do what you have to do. Make it simple.


“Inspired to Give- Destined to Serve”

“Nurturing Minds for Greatness”

What is your idea of community development?

Nurturing what is already there. It is a lot of talent in our communities. But it is about having someone organize the talent, build and uplift the people in the community and bring out the best with what we already have.

S.M.A.R.T. goal

A Star- Studded launch of The Rise 2 Power Network as a business by August 15th.

My favorite quotes from the interview

“I know when opportunity presents itself”

“I do it all. I can be anything from a maid to a Queen depending on what the situation calls for.”


Mobile Office: 773-701-1853

Update from Chanel on 7.21.2011

The Rise2Power Project is still an inspirational vehicle to watch. We continue to build our inspiration fan club and encourage youth and young adults to be active participants in their destiny. I’m confident that we’ll have a soft launch for The Rise2Power Project August 15th.


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Laying Bricks

A few weeks ago this young lady hit my car. I have put off going to the shop since then. I kept trying to figure out what was preventing me from doing such a simple task. After finally going to get the estimate, it had been determined that the other driver’s insurance would pay for everything and that all I had to do was bring the car to the auto body shop, turn over my keys, and I would be provided a rental while my car was being repaired.

The morning came for me to execute this simple procedure, but I was sick about it. I didn’t leave the house. I began to think about the obstacles I had to overcome before turning over my keys.

I told myself that I needed to clean the inside of my car and figure out what I needed out of the car before swapping vehicles. I was thinking about having to do this in the cold and then I started thinking about having to take multiple trips to the garbage because I had too much junk in my car. All of this led me to being mad at myself for letting my car get so junky. The list could go on and on about how these challenges were beginning to pile up.

With every passing moment, I was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

We do this more than we realize. Instead of figuring out the simplest way we can complete a task, we intentionally and unintentionally, hinder our progress. Finally, I said to myself, “these things have been in the car for about a month. If I haven’t needed them all of this time, then I can do without them for three days while the car is being fixed”. The amount of weight that immediately released from my body was pleasing. This one thought, this one solution, bulldozed all of the bricks I had layered on top my progress.

Begin to un-pile the bricks that are stifling your future. Become solution oriented. Although you should set realistic time frames and action steps for your plans, you should always be looking for the one strategic move or plan that will bring resolution and efficiency.

Needless to say, my car is in the shop with a blanket in the back seat and the box I left my job with on January 24, 2011.

Below is a link to a blog entry from Marc and Angel Hack Life that focuses on ways to un-clutter your seemingly productive life.


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